Fun at Cherrytrees Fun at Cherrytrees

Pre School for 3-5 Years

Our Cherry Blossom  -  Notre fleur de cerise  -  Nuestro flor de cerezas


Our Pre-school room is situated on the upper floor and provides a colourful and stimulating learning environment. As Cherrytrees is in partnership with East Lothian District Council to provide and promote learning and development we work with ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’. The curriculum focuses on cognitive skills: recognising colours and basic shapes, refining motor skills, sharing and making decisions, and the development of language and social skills.


Throughout the planned day there will be opportunities to choose from a variety of satisfying experiences for every child. We encourage all our children to take part and discuss what they would like to pursue within their time at Cherrytrees.


We offer morning and afternoon funded sessions for both ante-pre and pre-school age children and staff are trained to fully prepare children for the challenges of Primary school.


A child’s progress cannot be measured on results alone, but rather on the skills and knowledge they are developing and refining throughout the year. Staff will regularly photograph and observe your child, with this information being entered into their Cherrytrees Learning Stories, which you and your child have regular access to.