Fun at Cherrytrees Fun at Cherrytrees

Pre School for 3-5 Years


Cherrytrees is in partnership with Edinburgh City Council to provide and promote learning and development working with ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’. 

Your child is eligible for 600 hours of funded sessions on the term after their 3rd birthday.These sessions are 3 hours and 10 mins long and if you would like further information please contact us on 0131 6690405.

Throughout the planned day there will be opportunities to choose from a variety of satisfying experiences for every child. We encourage all our children to take part and discuss what they would like to pursue within their time at Cherrytrees.This then assist us in our planning and delivery of the CFE's.

We offer morning and afternoon funded sessions for both ante-pre and pre-school age children and staff are trained to fully prepare children for the challenges of Primary School.

A child’s progress cannot be measured on results alone, but rather on the skills and knowledge they are developing and refining throughout the year. Staff will regularly photograph and observe your child, with this information being entered into their Cherrytrees Personal E Journal which can be accesed at any time using your own personal log in details.,