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Our Environment

Cherrytrees Children’s Nurseries are all run on an individual and unique basis following the same governing values and ethos. Each nursery is run specifically to echo the nature and profile of family life in the local area. We pride ourselves in providing a comfortable and stimulating environment for all our children, surrounded by gardens for outdoor play activities. We take delight in offering a homely, family run nursery whilst giving a personal, professional and comprehensive service.Communication is paramount for all parents and we do this through our Cherrytrees APP,emails,weekly news sheets,newsletters and posters.

Cherrytrees encourages children to explore their surroundings and the educational environment around them.  We teach our children from tiny babies upwards about the various natural elements and the part each plays in the sustainability of the earth.

We offer full day care in morning and afternoon sessions, wraparound care, Breakfast Clubs and Out of School Clubs for children up to 12 years of age.

Children have the opportunity to enjoy activities such as Dazzling Dance, Multi-Sports, Pint- size Picassos, Fun with French and Jo Jingles.

In partnership with our Local Authorities we offer morning and afternoon sessions for both ante-pre and pre-school children, working towards ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’. In addition, the Child at the Centre 2 document plays a large part in how we prepare and plan for our children’s development.We consider the SHANARI wheel in every day care and learning.

Our planning is carefully considered for the children’s day and monitored through self evaluation.  We offer best practice opportunities for painting, drawing, baking, sand and water play, alongside other testing and motivating experiences which we hope will stir our children into using and marvelling in their own imagination and erudition.